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| Apartment Property Redevelopment Business Model |

Reposition Through...

A: Physical, Functional Replacements and Modernization

Pysical / Functional Replacements and Modernization

Results include:

  • Stabilized expenses during the holding period as major capital components are replaced or refurbished.
  • Operating efficiencies and lower operating costs.
  • Reduced capital expenses during holding period.
  • Stabilized and Predictable Cash Flow.
  • Greater Resident Statisfaction due to stability.

B. Transformation and Contemporizing of Property and Unit Presentation

Results include:

  • Maximized Marketing Appeal to Targeted Resident Profile.
  • Enhance Common Areas and Amenities to support Resident Functions.
  • Maximum rent levels.
  • Greater Operating Stability and Resident Satisfaction.
  • Reduced Turnover Costs